Elizabeth L Fisk Walsh, MA, LCPC

                                                        30 N Michigan Avenue Suite 1516

                                                        Chicago, Illinois 60602



October 2000                            Illinois School of Professional Psychology

                                                         Master of Arts, Counseling

                                                         Editor, Class Newspaper 1997-2000

                                                         Freshman Mentoring Program

                                                         Comprehensives Tutor

May 1995                                        University of Illinois at Chicago

                                                          Bachelor of Arts

                                                          Honors Thesis “Voting Trends Among Latino Voters

                                                          and Non-Voters” (Dr Barry Rundquist, Advisor)

                                                          Internship - State Representative Judy Erwin

                                                          Internship - Cook County Clerk David Orr

                                                          General Assembly Scholarship

                                                          Dean’s List 1993-1995

                                                          Music Scholarship - Baritone Horn

March 2005                                  Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois


March 2001                                   Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois

April 2000                                    Grants:


                                                          Apna Ghar Domestic Violence Shelter



December 2009                           Being Left

May 2004                                      Love is the Answer:  What was the Question?

February 2004                            An Irish Valentine

June 2003                                      Stop Getting Dumped and other summer reading

March 2003                                   Love and Real Estate:  When to make the Initial Offer

January 2003                               Confessions of a Dryel Addict  

October 2002                              Nancy Drew and the Case of the Man Who Came to

                                                           Dinner and Then Never Called Again

July 2002                                       How to Identify (and run away from) Peter Pan

June 2002                                     Exorcism and Your Teen:  How Much is too Much?

April 2002                                      Ask What He Thinks if You Want to Know How He Feels

January 2002                               Are You an Anchor, a Shovel, or a Claw

November 2000                           Beyond Than, God of the Sky

July 2000                                       Maybe Next Time, USA

June 2000                                      Fresh prints

June 2000                                      Faust’s KP Over Mother’s Day Pays Off

March 2000                                   Everything Seems a Bit Fuzzy

January 2000                                Exploring the Cult of Man

January 2000                                From the Sidelines

January 2000                                A Speedy Recovery to You and Yours

December 1999                               It’s Official:  We Rock

December 1999                               We Were Babies Once, Too

December 1999                                Love Child

December 1999                                Fun Facts to Know and Tell

November 1999                                 News For Us Vidiots

January 1995                                     Oak Park and River Forest Townships;

                                                               Ironing Out the        

                                                              Crazy Quilt of Chicago Politics

                                                              (Dr Dick Simpson, Editor)

                                                              Work Experience:               


August 2005 - present                  Private practice

                                                               Committed couples and individuals seeking healthy                


                                                                Addiction, anxiety, boundaries, divorce, parenting,

                                                                phases of life, interpersonal relationships with family

                                                                or friends, stress

August 2001 - August 2005         Genesis Therapy Center

                                                                Marriage and Individual Therapist


                                                                Love and intimacy



October 1997 - August 2001          Leo Burnett, Inc.



                                                                 Collection / analysis of insights around

                                                                 purchasing and customer retention

                                                                 Focus group conduction and reporting

                                                                 Consumer psychological trends, market management

July 1999 - June 2000                      Apna Ghar Domestic Violence Shelter


                                                                  Play therapy for children, including puppets,

                                                                  storytelling and games


                                                                  Cognitive techniques of conflict resolution

                                                                  Group psychotherapy

                                                                  Staff and resident education of post-traumatic


                                                                   Crisis intervention

                                                                    Preparation of clients for orders of protection

                                                                    Mother-and-child play groups

                                                                    Creation, conduction of “Drive-through

                                                                    Psycho-education series for residents and staff